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Mexican Food Catering

Whether you are celebrating your birthday or hosting a special event in Atlanta (GA), we can help you provide your guests with an unforgettable experience with our Mexican food catering services. Our packages are full of options made with fresh and authentic ingredients coming from various regions of Mexico.

We’ll provide a great catering team and all necessary items for a full-service experience, including serving ware, napkins, utensils and trash removal – we’ve got you covered!

RReal Tacos Catering Car
Catering Packages -minimum 10 per order-

Taco Bar: $16* per person

-Pick 2 proteins-

Chips & Salsa + Rice 


Limes / Cilantro/ Onion Mix / Salsa Verde & Roja / Corn Tortillas (flour available for upcharge of $1/person) 

Burrito Bowl Bar: $10 per person

-Pick 2 proteins-


Salsa Verde y Roja / Spanish Rice / Black Beans 


Pico de Gallo / Sauteed Pepper / Onion / Shredded cheese 



All in 5 serving increments* 

– Guacamole & Chips $MKT

– Chips & Salsa $20

– Queso Dip & Chips $25

– Rice $15

– Refried Beans $15

– Whole Black Beans $15


All in 5 serving increments* 

– Sour cream $10

– Pico de Gallo $15

– Shredded Cheese $10

– Sauteed pepper/onion mix $10

Rreal Tacos proteins:

– Carnitas

– Pastor

– Chicken

– STK +2/person

– Barbacoa +2/person

– Fish or Shrimp +2

18% delivery and set up fee includes: 

– Flatware for party and chafing stands

– Delivery ITP only

– OTP for extra fee

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*service charge added to invoices
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