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Holiday Bar Menu: Mexican Cocktails for the Holiday Season

Mexican Cocktails from the Mexican restaurant RReal Tacos for a blog post about a holiday bar menu for the holiday season.

As we head into the holiday season, there’s nothing better than celebrating with a holiday bar menu featuring Mexican cocktails

It’s well known that if there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s our love for Mexican food. A good Mexican-themed party not only lifts everyone’s spirits and makes our bellies happy, but its spiciness gives us the break we need from routine. 

And if there is one other thing that definitely brings us all together, it’s the holidays, so with a good holiday bar menu we can all make this year-end a real fiesta.

Fiesta Mexican Restaurant Near Me: The Quest for a Holiday Bar Menu

Another well-known fact: there is no Mexican fiesta without Mexican cocktails, being tequila the star of the show. From the one and only carajillo to mojitos to mezcal cocktails, the range of Mexican drinks will be your boarding ticket to a tropical party in the middle of december. 

So the great thing about a holiday bar menu is that you can play with the classic recipes and make your own Christmas themed cocktails

Thus, at Mexican restaurants in Atlanta like Rreal tacos you can find holiday specials starring the Baby Jesus version of carajillo, garnished with a Christmas candy stick and cinnamon syrup for that warm touch of Christmas mornings. 

Or maybe you’re in for a coconut tequila cocktail… Well, this holiday bar menu adds to its Christmas tequila cocktails The Rudolf, a Mexican Christmas drink with coconut cream, condensed milk, tequila, mint and nutmeg, sweet and special like Santa’s most beloved reindeer.

And the most coveted and unique of the tequila holiday cocktails: the Burrito Sabanero, a comforting mug with baileys, chocolate, marshmallows and, of course, tequila.

With these Christmas tequila cocktails, the Mexican fiesta comes to our 2023 farewell with the warm kick of tequila and the sunny breezes of Mexico.

Carajillo Recipe: Crafting the Perfect Christmas Cocktail for Midnight Toasts

The famous carajillo, although of Spanish origin, became drastically popular in Mexico City in the 1990s with the arrival of the Licor 43 brand from Cartagena. To craft the best Carajillo, start with high-quality coffee, preferably espresso, for that rich, concentrated flavor.

Let’s take a look at the traditional carajillo recipe so that, with a few festive additions, you can make your own holiday bar menu at home.


  • Freshly brewed espresso or strong coffee
  • Liquor 43 
  • Coffee liquor 
  • Simple syrup 
  • Ice cubes 


  • Brew a shot of espresso or prepare a cup of strong coffee.
  • Allow the coffee to cool slightly before transferring it to a shaker filled with ice.
  • Add a measured amount of Liquor 43 to the shaker, bringing its distinctive flavor to the mix.
  • Pour in the coffee liquor for a robust coffee essence that complements the sweetness of Liquor 43.
  • Add a splash of simple syrup to achieve the desired level of sweetness.
  • Shake the ingredients vigorously to blend and chill the mixture.
  • Strain the concoction into a glass filled with ice, ensuring a smooth and well-mixed Carajillo.
  • Garnish with a coffee bean or a twist of orange peel for a hint of citrusy aroma.

All that is left is to experiment with this unique combination of Liquor 43 and coffee liquor to craft a carajillo that stands out during your midnight toasts. 

A little touch of cinnamon, powdered sugar and the classic Christmas candy stick will make your carajillo your new Christmas cocktail par excellence. 

Pairing your Holiday Bar Menu for a New Year’s Eve Feast

Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinner preparations: another thing that happens to all of us, at the same time, on every corner of the planet. And if we are going to start 2024 with a real Mexican fiesta, there are certain dishes that can’t be missed. 

Let’s start with the essentials: an entire section of the table is dedicated to chips and dips with a good bowl of guacamole in the center. Elotes and quesadillas also deserve a prominent place, and another central area should be a DIY taco section. 

Finally, don’t forget to add Mexican candy and snacks as an interlude for dessert. To wrap things up, a tres leches cake and some platanos machos hit just the right note. 

(This goes off the menu but fireworks after dessert are a nice touch to make a truly festive Mexican evening.)

Well, here you have a scheme to put together an authentic Mexican menu to pair with your holiday bar menu and start the year with a festive twist.

Infusing Mexican Traditions into the Festive Ambiance

To bring a real Mexican fiesta to your home, consider these elements so that your Mexican food and holiday bar menu can stand out in an immersive atmosphere.

Traditional Mexican Dress

Begin by encouraging your guests to embrace the lively spirit of a Mexican fiesta by donning traditional Mexican dresses. 

For women, this might mean the vibrant and flowing dresses adorned with intricate embroidery. Men can opt for the classic guayabera shirt paired with comfortable trousers. This not only sets the tone but adds a visual feast of colors to your celebration.

Mexico Christmas Traditions

To truly transport your guests to the heart of Mexican traditions, consider including a piñata, a festive and interactive activity that originated in Mexico and is perfect for both children and adults. Fill it with candies and small treats for a delicious surprise.

Mexican Themed Party Decor

Opt for colorful papel picado, which are intricately cut paper banners featuring festive designs. 

Place sombreros and serapes strategically around the venue to add a touch of authenticity. 

Distribute maracas as party favors or use them as table centerpieces for an interactive and musical touch.

Integrate pieces of Mexican folk art, such as alebrijes (colorful animal sculptures) and Talavera pottery, to add an authentic touch to your decor.

A Holiday Bar Menu with Mexican Cocktails for this Holiday Season

There’s no way around it: on December 24 and 30, when you pass people on the street, you’ll know that the same fate awaits them all that night. 

But if there’s one thing you can do differently, it’s to create a special, festive Mexican evening for your loved ones, with food and drinks that are both spicy and comforting. 

And for the in-between, for the weeks of December that revolve around those two days: go to your nearest Mexican restaurant that has a good holiday bar menu to look forward to the festivities in the best way: celebrating.

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